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Builders of

Accelerating enterprise mobilization

Exadel developers have a lot of experience building mobile apps. To speed up the process of building customized apps for our clients, our team developed an in-house mobile development platform – increasing efficiency and reducing cost. As the platform matured, we decided to launch it to the world of fellow developers.

Now, is the premier cloud-based mobile app platform with visual development tools for building apps and integrating back-end services to support them. The apps themselves can be based on either the jQuery Mobile, Ionic, or Bootstrap frameworks. From there, developers have the choice of using Apache Cordova for hybrid apps or using native code for iOS or Android.

Exadel makes apps more powerful. provides run-time back-end services

  • Database
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Push notifications
  • Generated REST APIs as proxies for SOAP and other services

we are the partner for creating innovative tech solutions

  • We are a product-oriented company that is experienced in creating and supporting software for public use. This is a benefit even in those cases where the “product” is only for one customer.
  • We can quickly harness the best-fit technologies no matter how new the technology is. When Ionic and Bootstrap were asked for as UI frameworks, we quickly incorporated them into the platform.
  • We are extremely flexible in tailoring our services to match business needs.
  • can be used by any developer without Exadel support. We’ve designed our services to scale-up or scale-down with fine granularity to supplement direct use of the platform when needed.
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