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Application development that’s expandable and easy to use

Exadel developers have worked with all versions of Angular, starting with the Alpha version developing enterprise applications. Our experience includes deftly adjusting to changes in Angular versions mid-project. We’ve also mixed and matched Angular with virtually anything possible. We have the background to deliver the most value from Angular.

Our developers have successfully used Angular in many development projects, allowing us to produce fast responsive UI’s for applications with varying levels of complexity. Our development team has found that Angular has a responsive and accommodating developers’ community with frequent updates and solid support.

Angular versus AngularJS

Angular, often called Angular 2 as opposed to AngularJS, is a framework developed by Google primarily for front-end web application development. It was released in 2016 and is a successor to AngularJS. Angular is based on TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, whereas, AngularJS is based on JavaScript. Angular can also be used to build mobile applications chained with Ionic 2 or NativeScript.

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