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We develop award-winning, enterprise-grade Android mobile applications

Android mobile development

Enterprise-grade mobile application development

Do you want to create an app for a platform that has 1.6 billion users? Yes, yes you do. Counts vary of course, but there’s no doubt that Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform. If you are creating a mobile app, you can’t ignore it.

Exadel has experience with both native Android and hybrid app development. We’ve created Android applications for a wide variety of businesses, including: financial, ride sharing, payment processing, and custom firmware.

Exadel is your enterprise mobile partner

Our on-demand mobile developers have extensive experience working with enterprise-level and Fortune 200 companies designing, developing, and launching their Android apps. We work with our clients to understand their business needs, ensuring the end-user has an immersive experience while aligning function and business requirements.

we future-proof your mobile application

We understand the diverse and ever-changing mobile landscape. Our developers produce quality code that lasts and can easily adjust to align with future functionality updates. Our mobile solutions are scalable, cross-platform compliant, and integrate with back end proprietary or third-party tools.

the Exadel difference

We are experienced in developing secure apps that are aligned with industry-specific best practices. Our developers use the latest proven frameworks and are ready to work with customers at any stage. From ideation, developing apps from the ground-up, to ongoing support, we have the skills and knowhow to meet your mobile needs.

Exadel developers have a lot of experience building Android apps for clients. To speed up the process of building customized apps, our team developed an in-house mobile development platform (PaaS) for Android app development called Appery.io. For the last few years Appery.io has enabled hundreds of thousands of developers to build, deploy, and support Android apps.

Explore more of our enterprise application services and client work.

client success story

Customer-to-advisor app

We partnered with UBS in developing a custom app for UBS' financial managers to better serve their clients. The mobile app had to interface with UBS' existing system and required the most up-to-date security for all of their financial data.

Exadel partnered with UBS in the development of their consumer-facing mobile app
Exadel partnered with NCP on their consumer panel retail app
client success story

Consumer Retail Research App

NCP decided they needed a mobile app that would allow research participants to scan and input everything while they are shopping to streamline the process.

client success story

Fare - scalable rideshare platform

This new rideshare platform was designed to fill a need in the rideshare market for a platform that fosters personal driver/rider relationships along with features like scheduled rides and preferred drivers.

Exadel partnered with Fare in the development and launch of the ride sharing app
iOS mobile development solutions

software skills

iOS mobile development

Exadel has extensive experience in the development of native iOS apps for a variety of different business needs. This experience is uniquely deepened by the knowledge gained by building a commercial PaaS for iOS app development.

services and skills

Mobile App Development

As a recognized premiere mobile app development company, we understand that you need more than just a cool looking iOS or Android mobile application.

Exadel has a decade of experience developing mobile applications

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