We are Agile

Most of our clients prefer to use agile methodology, whether it be product development or project delivery. Agile development, an iterative and incremental software development strategy, is front-and-center in what we do.

We have extensive experience delivering projects using agile development to many clients, which include: VeriFone, Wolters Kluwer, HP, Deloitte, and EMC.

Agile is Core to Our Culture

Agile development is suitable for:

  • Distributed or collocated teams
  • Short (1-2 months) or long (>1 year) durations
  • Standalone applications, web applications, mobile apps
  • Single and multi-tier projects, including projects with significant integration efforts

Most of our team members have been involved in an agile project. Our scrum masters are certified to fulfill this role. In addition, the majority of our technical staff, including: developers, testers, designers, business analysts, and project managers have direct experience with implementing and following the agile approach. We also use the agile methodology for the development of our own products such as Appery.io and RESTXpress.

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