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“Exadel customized and implemented open source access and identity management technologies, improving clinician productivity, allowing physicians, nurses and other caregivers to focus more time on patient care.”
-Nick Yoo, Senior Director of Information Security Architecture at McKesson Corporation

About McKesson

As the oldest and largest health care services company in the nation, McKesson plays an integral role in health care and has a unique vision for its future. It serves more than 50% of American hospitals, 20% of physicians, and 100% of health plans. As the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America, It delivers one-third of all medications used there every day.


McKesson applications are used by a diverse group of users. To serve these users better, the company wanted to radically improve efficiencies, but also maintain the high level of security required in healthcare.


McKesson teamed up with exadel to implement a comprehensive set of security solutions including Corporate Active Directory SSO (single sign-on) and Identity Management UI. Because of its extensive security background, exadel was able to quickly put together the best technology stack for meeting McKesson’s security needs:
OpenAM (access management, entitlements, and federation server)
OpenDJ (directory server)
OpenIDM (identity management system)
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
WS-Security (secure web services extension to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
Federated security
SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
STS (Secure Token Service)
OAuth (authentication protocol)


This set of security solutions surpassed all of McKesson’s expectations in its impact. We met and exceeded each goal: high quality, reduced cost, improved efficiencies, and high customer satisfaction.

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