Analytics Software

Reimplementing a Workforce Management Solution

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading global provider of analytic software solutions for communication interception, digital video security, surveillance, and enterprise business intelligence. Their software generates actionable intelligence through the collection, retention, and analysis of voice, fax, video, email, Internet, and data transmissions from multiple communication networks.


The purpose of the project was to simplify the complex task of forecasting and scheduling employee time. This easy-to-use, web-enabled software removes the expense and administrative burden of thick client solutions.

With this new technology, organizations can reduce costs, drive business growth and operational excellence, and improve effectiveness and retention.

This project required us to make some changes to the underlying technology and UI/UX of the previous system, as some of it was no longer supported by modern browsers.


Exadel completely reinvented the solution by changing the app to support multiple browsers and got rid of the underlying obsolete technology in the process. Issues with the performance of rendering applications in browsers were solved using memoization and caching data on the client’s side.

The Exadel team fully rewrote the calendar module using modern technologies (React 16, Redux, ES6, Webpack, and Ramda), and integrated it into a shell application that uses ExtJS. The calendar module allows users to create work shift events, schedule time off, mark unavailability, and adjust each of these types of events as needed. Managers can review and manage their employees’ schedules.

The Exadel team worked with the client to analyze the application’s UI/UX and implemented a series of improvements. Now the calendar application provides a flexible and interactive UX interface for both users and managers.


The solution now supports all major modern browsers. Adjustments to the calendar module have improved usability and performance.