Video Production
Sharing Platform

Platform for television and movie production studios

About the Customer

Our customer is a Fortune 50 tech giant that’s been a pioneer in the software and hardware industry for over fifty years.


Companies involved in television and movie production often have to ship small video clips all over the country for approval before production is finalized. Our customer was looking for a way to eliminate physical shipping and streamline the approval process. Our client partnered with us to develop custom software to more efficiently share high-resolution video files.


The project was developed as a way of showcasing our client’s technologies while developing a system for high resolution video production and sharing. The solution was built using the latest in cloud computing tools.


Azure provides access to different cloud enabling services that are the building blocks of the Digital Dailies app. Azure’s Blob storage is used to store uploaded video files, and Azure Media service converts the videos to multi-bitrate MP4.

GreenButton High Speed Uploads

The GreenButton service is used to improve the dispatch of software and services to cloud platforms. Exadel’s software development team used GreenButton for high-speed uploading into the cloud.


SharePoint was used as the back-end data storage tool. It is a web application framework that integrates intranet, content management and document management.


The solution supports encrypted high-resolution video sharing across the Web. It streamlines the approval process during production and provides high speed uploads for large files ranging from tens to thousands of gigabytes and can be skinned to represent any brand name or logo. The video clips are processed and encoded with DRM Play Ready protection for security and streamed to iOS devices via HLS.