Electronic Toll
Collection System

About the Customer

The E-470 Public Highway Authority was established in 1988 by local jurisdictions. The Authority maintains E-470, an automated toll collection system that has become a new standard in the tolling and transportation industries.


The main goal of the project is to improve the development and maintenance processes of the customer’s system.


IT consulting for product governance is one of the main services that Exadel provides to this client. The team has been assisting the client with product roadmap planning and scope management. Exadel also helps the customer adjust the business design of their financial management system and time tracking on projects.

Exadel has also lent its expertise to the governance of the product and project knowledge base. The Exadel team has helped the client with:

  • Creation and support of the technical design documentation
  • Documentation audit
  • Strategic partnerships API
  • Interface design and documentation support
  • Support and negotiation of other technical aspects

Exadel has been providing and maintaining additional functionality for the e-tolling system based on the business and non-functional requirements, which are necessary to support their expanding infrastructure.


The partnership between Exadel and the client has solidified Exadel’s expertise in the e-tolling industry.

Exadel has been extending the existing functionality of the customer’s product and providing additional services/APIs to support business directions and traffic management infrastructure in the region.

Currently, Exadel has a long-term contract with the Authority for business analysis consultancy and software development processes services.