Management Application
for the Metropolitan Opera

Management Application for the Metropolitan Opera

About the Customer

The Metropolitan Opera is the largest classical music organization in North America and is based in New York City at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.


The employee scheduling app the Metropolitan Opera used to manage the scheduling of performances and their associated singers, musicians, and staff required stabilization, maintenance, and new features.


Exadel had to rewrite most of the application in order to make it both consistent and reliable. The team updated third-party tools to ensure that UI controls and frameworks were working appropriately. Exadel also refactored the data access and security layers to improve performance and scalability.

The Exadel team continues to fix bugs and add new features to the employee scheduling app. We have recently added:

  • An interface with the client’s payroll system in order to automate the uploading of artist and performance details and to ensure that payroll information is correct
  • A management feature for staff (e.g. conductors, coaches, accompanists, stage managers, and choreographers) that allows management to create and handle their contracts within the application
  • A feature that uploads and stores personal data files (e.g. names, sound files, tax forms, visa documentation) for the Met’s personnel in the application. The team also upgraded the security system in order to protect the privacy of these files and customize the management of security privileges.


We have completed over 500 bug fixes and enhancements. We continue adding new features to the application in order to facilitate and automate management processes.