ML-Powered Retail Data Warehouse
and Data Analytics Tools

Development of a retail data warehouse and tools for assortment management, pricing, and promotion analysis

About the Customer

The customer is a global management consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organization transformation.


The client had been developing a retail network management system for more than ten years and needed a qualified team to develop a data warehouse and the three modules: an assortment tool, a pricing tool, and a promo analytics tool.


Exadel developed a retail data warehouse that underpins all of the retail tools the client required.

  • The Pricing Functionality is designed to help retailers and managers set prices on products. Its main functions include a competitive comparison, an overview of target economics, and an overview of internal architectural consistency with other internal rules. Users can control the tool by managing settings rather than directly intervening on pricing.
  • The Assortment Tool is an ML-based module that determines the best spots for products. Users pick products, choose stores, specify shelf parameters, and group products, then the module determines which shelf spots are likely to increase sales.
  • The Promo Analytics Tool helps plan store promotions. The tool collects information on the amount of money that was spent and earned on similar promotions in the past, forecasts the amount of money that will be needed on the current project, analyzes the best ad spots in magazines and on TV, and provides other functionalities.

A large proportion of the entire system can be developed or improved in isolation from client-specific code.


The introduction of the data warehouse allows the team to move all client-specific code to a defined area and provides a standardized product, which ensures easier support and simplified onboarding for new clients. Its development is an ongoing project at Exadel.