School Photo
Software Suite for
a US-Based Memorabilia Company

About the Customer

The client is an American memorabilia manufacturer that offers yearbooks and graduation products to various high schools.


Initially, Exadel partnered with the client to provide them with eCommerce website support. The project required updates and functionality, as well as new features.

Three years ago, we started a new project from scratch and developed a school photography software suite that facilitates picture day logistics for schools and families.


The school picture apps include the following applications:

  • School Self-Service Portal, which is used by principals and technical staff to design ID cards with educational institutes’ logos and/or student photos. Using this service, schools can also design wallpapers, school albums, and more.
  • Administration Portal, which is a consumer care web application used on behalf of schools and the client to sign documents and create and store reports.
  • eCommerce Application, which is used by parents to personalize their photos and order prints. In this school picture app, families can preview images online and have their orders delivered at home.

Exadel also developed a Windows photo application, which is used by school photographers to take photos and match them with children. The application automatically backs up images so they don’t get lost and allows parents to view their children’s photos online.

Micro services integrations were included in development to support various software needs.

Our team used the following tech stack to create this school photo software:

  • Back end: Java, Spring, and AWS
  • Front end: Angular 5


In 2019, 165 schools were using the client’s school picture apps. In 2020, the number increased to 780. Currently, more than 1,700 schools have signed on, and the list continues to grow.