Online School Enrollment
Software for Boulder
Valley School District

“Exadel helped us [Boulder Valley School District] clarify the relationships between our business goals and the technical capacity to meet those goals. They produced an innovative solution for our complex problem.”

Mike Wilcox
Assistant Director for Student Enrollment at BVSD

About the Customer

Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) is a large school district in the greater Denver metro area. It encompasses 56 schools over 500 square miles and enrolls approximately 30,000 students.


As a large school district, BVSD found it complicated to register students. BVSD needed online school enrollment software that could meet the needs of the extensive network of students, teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators and that could increase registration efficiency. The system had to be generic enough to consider all possible enrollment conditions, such as students without a residence, emancipated students, students with special education needs, and multilingual families.


In partnership with Boulder Valley School District, Exadel developed custom school enrollment software. The Exadel team established a secure, user-friendly way for students to quickly enroll in schools and gave BVSD the ability to approve, disapprove, or modify student enrollment forms online. A guided workflow within the system reduced redundant data and enabled each step to pre-populate the following step, streamlining the process for families with multiple children.


Exadel met all BVSD’s requirements by building a custom school enrollment software system, improving the process for all users, and increasing students’ registration efficiency. The new system reduced the workload on the registrar and increased processing efficiency. BVSD achieved a paperless, eco-friendly system that can be easily updated as their needs change in the future.