Exadel helped a leading cancer research and treatment center with Microsoft Office 365 adoption — a cloud-based solution for performing a host of day-to-day tasks.

About the Customer

Our client is a leading cancer care research and treatment facility that works closely with a consortium of institutions to deliver life-saving solutions to people across the world.


Our customer was using a number of legacy applications for their daily word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet creation tasks. Most of their existing software and systems were desktop versions, and our client used a series of network folders with varying permissions and access throughout the organization. The company lacked an effective change management plan to adopt a cloud-based solution.


Exadel was brought in to put together and define a comprehensive change management plan and introduce it across the organization. Our effective change management plan helped the client roll out the change to Microsoft O365 across all their teams and ensure that all employees were using it rather than the legacy solutions.

The main hesitation within the organization was the issue of security, given the sensitive nature of their files. Many files contained personal medical information and by law could not be shared with certain parties.

The Exadel solution took into account resistance to change, communication strategy, day-to-day work adjustments for employees, and role changes. We also planned where all files and folders should be stored and accessed.


The project was so successful that it ended up reshaping our client’s overall relationship with change management adoption. Before the project, our customer was not familiar with change management as a practice. After the project, our client developed a new culture of using change management plans, where Exadel-created templates were used to support many future processes and digital solution changes.

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