Student Lifecycle Management
and Billing Software

Incorporating payment, identity, and database management systems for a leading non-profit California university

About the Customer

The customer is one of the leading non-profit universities in California and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business, accounting, law, and more.


The customer had three objectives:

  • increase efficiency in the faculty payment process and lower operational costs for establishing faculty contracts
  • create a unified way to extract data from multiple disparate databases
  • replace all Excel documentation with a web-based application


To achieve the customer’s objectives:

  • Exadel developed a system that provided online access to all current and historical payment information. The billing software improved payment accuracy for faculty and staff and reduced the number of steps involved in payment delivery, all of which increased employee satisfaction due to the simple payment process. Exadel developed a unified virtual database – student lifecycle management software that extracts data from multiple disparate databases. By utilizing the services of multiple systems, the new database provided a seamless, end-to-end automated student lifecycle management system that processes students’ data from prospect to alumnus. In addition, the new university software architecture provides a centralized identity management system — a single repository with secure access through a single sign-on for staff, faculty, students, alumni, and trustees.
  • Exadel developed a database management system, accessible via a web-based application that replaced all Excel documentation. The management software enabled the university staff to forecast the need for faculty, classrooms, and other resources over various periods of time. The tuition management software gave students the ability to view program requirements, choose their course preferences, model their potential path to degree completion, select a preferred path and modify it if needed.


Thanks to Exadel’s solutions, the university significantly improved its payment process for faculty and staff, provided fully-automated processes and information to support students’ needs, and replaced Excel documentation with a web-based application that simplified the degree planning process. The new systems have helped the customer achieve its central goal of preparing the next generation of professionals.