CoreX: Healthcare
eCommerce Platform for GHX

Building healthcare’s most advanced eCommerce platform from the ground up

About the Customer

GHX is a healthcare business and data automation company that brings together more than 4,100 healthcare providers and 600 manufacturers and distributors in North America, along with another 1,500 providers and 350 suppliers in Europe.


As a leader in healthcare technology, GHX helps healthcare organizations reduce the cost of doing business with smart innovation — paving the way for more effective patient care. They turned to Exadel to develop a fully cloud-based healthcare eCommerce platform. By moving to the cloud, GHX sought to gain power and flexibility without paying for unnecessary capacity.


GHX partnered with Exadel to develop CoreX, the industry’s most advanced eCommerce platform for healthcare. CoreX was built from the ground up for both cloud and non-cloud access. The CoreX platform’s key strengths include:

  • Advanced security. The CoreX-enabled Global Exchange offers secure user authentication, visibility for user activity, and industry-leading encryption for both transactional and stored data to meet customer demands.
  • Massive scalability. The new solution offers elasticity in scale, enabling it to expand and contract to accommodate peak and off-peak transaction volumes — all within a fast, secure, and virtually unlimited environment.
  • Expanded reliability. With this new healthcare eCommerce platform, data is available via multiple “zones” in each geographic region, enabling business processes to remain uninterrupted during natural disasters and other crises.
  • Total transparency. It allows visibility, proactive monitoring and correction, and preconfiguration of alerts in the event of unusual or unexpected activity.
  • Improved usability over the old platform. CoreX was built with flexibility and an understanding of today’s needs for self-service and multi-device compatibility. It enables users to deliver solutions that are ready to use and innately compatible with a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Exadel leveraged the newest technology stack to build GHX’s industry-leading platform, including:

  • Java/Hibernate, Spring Framework, Ehcache, Google Gson, Apache Commons, JavaScript/ AngularJS, ngprime, Git, BitBucket, and Bamboo
  • AWS Services: EC2, Aurora, S3, SQS, AWS OpenSearch, Managed MongoDB

Powered by components that form a robust document processing, transaction, and routing platform, it uses best-practice security and auditing techniques.

The platform provides a centralized and non-refutable message trail for all activities that occur in the system. All data is safeguarded, encrypted when stored, and secured in transit.


Currently, CoreX enables more than 22,000 healthcare provider facilities and more than 10,000 healthcare suppliers and distributors to conduct business electronically through GHX’s eCommerce exchange. Thanks to this healthcare eCommerce platform, GHX gained all the benefits of a cloud solution without overpaying for unnecessary storage capacity. Now GHX can continue to operate at scale and enjoy computing power, storage, and bandwidth.

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