Developing New Modules
for a Private Jet App

Developing modules and futures for smarter flight booking and management

About the Customer

The client is the largest private jet community in the world, with a flight booking app that allows travelers to book entire private jets and share them with other members or book individual seats.


The client approached Exadel to eliminate a number of bugs in existing modules already in the private jet app and create new modules and features.


Exadel has been developing new modules for this mobile app for flight booking as a set of small applications:

  1. ERP Service, a system for order and invoice management. The service has SAP integration, which sends customers’ data to the accounting department. It also performs background jobs, such as data export and order processing.
  2. Charter Sales, a service for selling charters that creates sales quotas and sends them to the ERP service. The solution also helps the sales department create offers for annual subscriptions to customers based on the frequency of their flights and their preferences.
  3. Revenue Management & Core Services, an application that analyzes charter flights and helps the client decide how to price specific routes
  4. Operator Platform, an application for private flight operators, where:
    • Operators can publish new flights for their aircraft: single seats or shared flights
    • Using the mobile app for flight booking, operators can see and accept customers’ requests with specific aircrafts and pricing

    As the customer has more than 150 aircrafts in their fleet, this application adds value to the client, as well as third-party operators.

  5. Internal Management Application, which is used by the client to manage their business resources: aircrafts, operators, clients, etc.
  6. Task Management is software that showcases the status of customers’ flights (in progress, completed, discovered, etc.)
  7. Sourcing API, is a micro-application without UI which provides REST/GraphQL APIs. The application is responsible for customers’ flight requests and performs different kinds of management (processing, storing, etc).


The customer has been actively using these new modules within their private jet booking app to automate internal workflows.