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About the Customer

Kaplan is a leading education services provider that specializes in test preparation, higher and professional education, and certification training.


As Kaplan provides a number of professional and higher education courses online, it needed a custom learning management system to help its marketing and sales teams promote and sell courses. They also needed a back office tool that would provide a variety of administrative functions to its staff and customers.


Exadel helped Kaplan update and modernize its technical stack to increase the speed of its overall systems and move away from legacy frameworks. The educational software was also integrated with third-party MarTech solutions, allowing Kaplan employees to gain actionable sales insights from user behavior.

The solutions included:

  • An admin tool for managing courses and course content
  • A sales tool that allowed Kaplan employees to track sales data and user behavior to reach potential customers
  • A marketing website for promoting courses


Overall, the online education software improved customer and sales manager experience and increased sales. It also helped set the stage for future technology at Kaplan by following modern design trends and technologies.