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About Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) was founded in 1841 and provides commercial data to businesses. The data sets D&B provides include: credit history, business-to-business sales and marketing, counterparty risk exposure, supply chain management, lead scoring, and social identity matching. The company’s database contains information on more than 235 million companies spanning 200 countries.


D&B needed to develop a scalable, integrated web platform for D&B customers to manage their suppliers with supplier certification, financial monitoring, government control list monitoring, and live reports. Subscribers needed to be able to create customer-specific reports, watch lists, and alert features. The platform required support for multiple fulfillment options in UI, FTP, email, and web services. The new platform would also have to integrate with supplier portals, BPMS for GCL data, and an ESB. Lastly, it would also require a mobile app for customers on-the-go.

Particular challenges were:

  • Fast search based on custom attributes
  • A unique aggregated supplier rating mechanism based on multiple data dimensions (supplier ratings consisting of a set of individual metrics and an aggregate score)
  • Interactive data presentation


Exadel partnered with D&B to develop a system that could provide a single score for suppliers based on multidimensional analytics. The new platform includes the largest vendor and supplier database in the world with tens of millions of records, custom search, and drill-down multi-dimensional analytics.

Exadel utilized the following technologies:

  • Spring | Hibernate | Oracle | MySQL Pentaho | Apache Solr | olap4j

Examples of how Exadel used these technologies:

  • The integration of Apache Solr with MySQL and Oracle databases deployed as clusters to provide high scalability.
  • An abstract layer built with olap4j (to avoid vendor lock-in) and automatic recalculation of metrics based on data imported from external data sources.
  • A configurable ad hoc dynamic report to display trends over time, drill down to details, and filter by dimensions and metrics.


Exadel developed a system to present accurate and useful ratings calculated by D&B’s algorithms while incorporating fast search capabilities and interactive maps. Following the launch, 75% of customers adopted the mobile app. The deployment of this system has significantly promoted D&B’s position as a critical business information provider.

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