DevOps Case Study

About the Customer

The customer is the creator of Canvas, a web-based learning management system, and Canvas Network, a massive open online course (MOOC) platform.


The client’s main product is a web system currently used by 25 million students. Previously, they used their own cloud deployment tool (Cloud Gate) to add features requested by users and provide complicated user experience through command-line interface with typed commands adapted for new requests. Because this solution lacked flexibility, the client approached Exadel to develop Kubernetes container orchestration solution that will help reach the following goals:

  • Implement GITOPS approach through Kubernetes native CD platform
  • Perform automateable Terraform operations against infrastructure
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs of deployment tools
  • Reduce compute resource waste


Our team has recently started replacing Cloud Gate with continuous deployment solutions available on the market (both commercial and open-source). Currently, Cloud Gate integrates with a custom in-house built container registry and supports deployment of one container onto one EC2 instance. Our team is planning to design around a shared EKS compute infrastructure in each region. This would minimize idle compute expenses.


The devops project is currently in development mode. Our team has prepared a production-ready cluster which then will be filled with different features. Once achieved, it will provide users with easy-to-understand and visualized processes and a modern platform with user interface (Dashboard).