Data Strategy & Data Warehouse

Data Strategy and Data Warehouse Implementation drastically improves competitive advantage and long term growth

About the Customer

Our customer provides services for the United States government and is going through a digital transformation to increase its efficiency in a crowded landscape. They sought a data strategy roadmap to maximize the organization’s ability to leverage data in support of its digital transformation efforts.​


Our team conducted interviews with leadership and assessed data and systems to understand the business aspirations, capabilities, and challenges.


Exadel experts developed a comprehensive data strategy & data warehouse roadmap to address areas of need focusing on key capabilities including program development, data management, business intelligence, data acquisition & integration, analytics & information delivery. Our team developed a data strategy & data warehouse plan for an iterative rollout of these new capabilities using important organizational use cases.​


Under the data strategy & data warehouse implementation plan, Exadel delivered the client’s first-ever data warehouse on Azure Synapse and in Power BI. Just as important as the data platform is the fact that the project team laid the foundation for ongoing data management by providing architecture and engineering best practices, modeling Agile project management techniques, and implementing DevOps processes for automating deployments.​

The data warehouse provides the client’s Business Development team with greater insight into their sales pipeline and contract performance. In the future, the platform will scale to accommodate additional data sources and facilitate cross-organizational insights.