Data Quality & Metadata Management

Data Quality Framework enhances the customer experience and provides insights to leadership

About the Customer

Our customer is a streaming entertainment company rapidly expanding its consumer streaming platform into international markets.


In anticipation of the expansion, our client sought to address a major issue related to measuring the viewership; consistently delivering content metadata to the platform to tag streams appropriately for analyzing engagement and viewership by the appropriate categories.


The Exadel team developed a scalable metadata management framework to facilitate improved metadata quality and efficient management going forward. Our specialists leveraged the framework to deliver a metadata management solution that identifies high-priority content metadata properties of the client’s video streaming assets to establish key performance metrics and tolerances. We created dashboards and automated reports to highlight data quality irregularities and provide potential solutions. We also implemented remediation plans for data quality issues, which reached across departments, to bring the correct team together to triage and resolve specific issues.


The new data quality framework and related solutions enable proactive identification of data quality issues and support quick resolution. New and existing streaming assets are no longer loaded onto the platform missing information. Teams can easily monitor the health of the content metadata and enrich the user experience with additional data.