Data Governance
Program Initiation

Data Governance Approach promotes organizational data maturity and sets the stage for successful ERP implementation

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading North American travel retailer and restaurateur. 


After completing a unified ERP implementation, the customer recognized the opportunity to build a comprehensive data governance program and asked for our help. Primary objectives for the work included the need to drive data source ownership and quality of enterprise master data. They also aspired to create shared definitions of important business terms and metrics. Requirements focused on creating a program that could match the rapid pace of the business and provide tangible, real-time results.


A set of roles were outlined along with a lightweight set of governance processes, tuned to the most frequent and impactful data issues. The enterprise data governance program was piloted with a single data domain and a limited set of business stakeholders. After tuning the processes, the program was scaled to several additional working groups for high-priority data domains. A steering committee was stood up to provide ongoing direction, prioritization, and decision making.


Our client’s investments in cleaning and conforming data for their new ERP were safeguarded by a lean data governance program tuned for data quality. Ambiguities in data ownership were resolved, creating clear ownership and responsibility to remediate quality issues at the upstream sources. The program demonstrated its ability to respond to the most important needs of the business and to adjust its priority and pace according to the ever-changing needs of a fast-growing business. Data quality was measurably improved, resulting in customer confidence and employee satisfaction.