Data Analytics Solutions
for TV, Press, and Digital Platforms

We created six services for reporting, analyzing, and forecasting the placement of advertisements on TV, print, and digital platforms based on historical data.

About the Customer

The client is an American entertainment company that owns and operates several brands of cable television and streaming services. The client also provides a set of advanced digital services for international channel operators, such as ad sales and broadcast solutions.


The client needed web analytics applications that would display information about advertising costs and revenue in relation to the number of times commercials are viewed. Additionally, the client wanted to create advertising data analytics that would forecast the best television ad spots.


Exadel was instrumental in developing six integrated services for creating reports used to analyze, plan, and forecast advertisement placements.

  1. Advertising Data Analytics Solution A solution driven by an algorithm that uses historical data to plan ads that cover all appropriate TV channels based on predefined criteria such as cost and target audience.
  2. Television Broadcast Scheduling Software An internal service for scheduling TV broadcasts for the year and estimating their audience size.
  3. Promotion Planning Solution An algorithm-based service that offers the best advertising spots on television based on the estimated broadcast schedule.
  4. Business Decision System A service that contains data sources for negotiations between customers and channels and provides information for sales departments about costs and other KPIs.
  5. Budgeting and Forecasting Solution A service that analyzes TV spot performance and provides insights into the number of impressions commercials garner.
  6. Data Analytics System for Digital Platforms Provides analysis of impressions for digital platforms.


The new advanced analytics and reporting services use historical data to inform better decision-making and robust reporting of TV ad placement.

Recently, the client started applying these solutions to digital platforms in order to generate statistics on number of views, as well as new and cancelled subscriptions.