Chemical Data Aggregation for
Elsevier Life Science Solutions

Building a data analytics platform for scientists and chemical providers

About the Customer

Elsevier is one of the leading scientific digital publishers in the world. The company creates analytical solutions for anyone working in science and medicine and helps its customers manage their time efficiently by applying machine learning techniques and developing clinical decision support applications.


Elsevier needed a technical solution to aggregate information from chemical providers. This required building a set of APIs and a rich web UI to provide a fast and intelligent search and a 360-degree view on substances and mixtures available on the market.


Exadel developed an analytics platform that collects information from chemical companies about substances, mixtures, and polymers. The solution compiles:

  • Regulations
  • Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets
  • Scientific data (toxicity, properties, reactions, and citations)
  • Literature (journals, patents, etc.)
  • Pricing information (both lab-scale and industrial price)
  • Supplier information

As part of the project, Exadel also provided:

  • A microservice-based application layer that allows Elsevier to quickly search available information
  • A robust CI/CD pipeline to support updates and orchestrate continuous microservice and UI releases
  • An infrastructure as code (IaC) solution to maintain clean and secure data
  • Immutable middleware infrastructure for multiple environments
  • Assurance that the strategy and approaches used in this project can be reused in other Elsevier endeavors


The data analytics platform for scientists and chemical providers improved on previous search capabilities by incorporating crucial information from multiple data sources.