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About Pure Storage

Founded in 2009, Pure Storage is a public company headquartered in the United States, which develops all-flash data storage hardware and software products. It focuses on developing proprietary deduplication and compression software to improve the amount of data that can be stored on each drive.


Exadel mostly works with the Digital Marketing Department at Pure Storage. When we started our engagement, Pure Storage already had its code base and its site in production. The client had just recently been a startup and it did not have solid processes for development and QA. As a result there was a lot of technical debt and many issues with quality and performance, which needed to be addressed as soon as possible. The Digital Marketing department had just launched a new strategy, which the current site was required to support. The strategy included a totally new approach to UI/UX and a new level of personalization.


As a participating vendor, Exadel is in charge of the website architecture, developing the backend and frontend, implementing the test strategy, and conducting test engineering. The solution is based on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) tool.
By establishing a Scrum framework and best Agile practices (continuous integration, unit testing, code review, QA processes, continuous refactoring) our team has noticeably improved the quality of the code performance as well as the quality of the site. The deployment process is much smoother and the number of issues after deployment has been significantly reduced.
Our team made various architecture and optimization improvement recommendations, some of which are already complete or in progress, and some of which are in the backlog.
The improvements Exadel implemented made the code more reliable, reduced the time required for development and testing, and the time required to easily implement complex AEM components to improve the UI/UX experience and to reuse AEM components for personalization.


According to customer’s analytics reports, user visits and time spent on pages are increasing. This is a result of constantly improving the quality of the site using short iterations and frequent deployment, continuous refactoring, addressing technical debt and other Agile best practices.

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