Exadel developed a change management strategy for adopting a new digital solution that standardized specimen information, collection, categorization, and other processes across hundreds of laboratories.

About the Customer

Our customer is an academic research institute that runs a network of labs that process, catalog, and run experiments on a number of different tissue samples.


Our customer has a host of legacy systems for digitally collecting and categorizing information about tissue samples. The systems are spread out across hundreds of laboratories and are not standardized across the network. The customer is implementing an industry-standard tool called OpenSpecimen to standardize data models, information, processes, and protocols across all laboratories.


Exadel was brought in to help the customer with a change management strategy in a number of roles:

  • Organizational Change Management Facilitator
    An Exadel specialist is working closely with our customer’s senior leadership to determine the fundamental requirements for their strategies for change management. It is important that the sponsor is actively involved, that they build a coalition of peers and managers to help, and that they communicate directly with employees to ensure that everybody knows exactly what to do and can take part in the change management strategy. Our expert also worked out an organizational change management chart to understand where key leaders fit in with respect to the change and who needs to be involved in the creation of a change management roadmap.
  • Product Owner
    An Exadel Product Owner helped with the RFI/RFP process and found a vendor to adapt the OpenSpecimen management system to the specific needs of our customer’s organization.
  • Project Manager
    An Exadel Project Manager is overseeing the project, ensuring that it is being rolled out on time in a number of phases, which were developed for the individual circumstances of each laboratory. Different labs fit into different categories; for example, some require no migration and support, while others require a significant amount. The laboratories were separated into groups to ensure successful implementation of the OpenSpecimen tool.


The project is ongoing and we expect OpenSpecimen to be successfully adopted by all laboratories thanks to our effective change management strategy implementation. This will help them to access and share information faster, ultimately leading to more overall success throughout the institution.

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