Building a RESTful API
for TV Audience Measurement

About the Customer

The client is a global information, data, and measurement company that provides their clients with data about what consumers watch and buy and how those choices intersect. The company operates in over 100 countries containing more than 90% of the world’s population, so there’s huge quantities of data.


The former API service provided a series of standard reference and ratings data API methods to enable programmatic requests to the national TV ratings. Since the customer sells collected data, they needed a way to collect information easily and effectively. Exadel suggested building an application programming interface (API) for viewing data in a more comprehensive way. The API for television audience measurement would offer syndicated TV viewing analytics about consumer trends, media consumption, purchase habits, and more.


Exadel created a RESTful API for TV audience measurement that calculates currency-grade program and commercial ratings from respondent-level data. The system returns ratings metrics which align with those reported in the National TV Toolbox web application as a JSON formatted response. The technology architecture consists of an Apigee gateway, Rest application, and Apache SPARK calculation engine. The bespoke technology helps the customer collect and present TV audience measurement data. Exadel also helped the company migrate its processes to the cloud.


The information made available through the API is based on respondent-level data and enables detailed TV viewing analytics for any data stream, as well as household and personal characteristics.