Exadel played a key role in building MercerOS — an app components library platform with the advanced technical Agility needed to respond to ever-changing business needs.

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading HR consulting company that has over 100 different applications and internal tools used in various facets of their organization.


Mercer was looking for new ways to leverage Agile frameworks in order to stay ahead of the curve. The company brought in Exadel to help meet its overarching need for technical Agility.

When the engagement began, Mercer had a series of disparate applications that their employees were using for HR consulting work. The applications were built with different technologies, took a long time to develop, and had additional challenges associated with adding features, maintenance, and integration. Essentially, every time Mercer wanted to create a new application, they were reinventing the wheel — in order to move forward they needed an app development solution.


The Exadel team started with an Agile assessment to understand exactly how we could help improve Mercer’s technical agility. The app development solution that came out of this was MercerOS (Mercer Open Source) — a library of common components and services that acted as the building blocks of all their applications.

With the MercerOS app development solution, the company achieved a much higher level of technical agility allowing it to:

  • Create applications faster, reusing the existing codebase
  • Maintain code with more efficiency
  • Build new features more quickly and easily
  • Build new services and components that could be leveraged by other apps in the ecosystem
  • Make changes in MercerOS and have them propagate across all other applications


The MercerOS app components library ushered in a fundamental cultural shift towards implementing Agile at the company. By switching to the open-source model, team members gained a strong feeling of ownership and pride in their work, as their app development solution allowed them to become leaders in the overall developer community.

Although the project began in 2016, the company is continuously adding to MercerOS and improving it as the backbone of its applications.

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