Exadel worked with our customer’s Project Management Office to implement a culture of Agile, which had a profound effect throughout the organization.


Our customer is a leading American entertainment company that produces and streams original content across a variety of platforms.


When the engagement began, our customer had already started implementing an Agile project management transformation but lacked the in-house expertise in its PMO to effectively implement Agile processes. Our client was using a Waterfall methodology and attempting to adopt Agile processes within the greater Waterfall framework.

The company was looking for an Agile project management transformation at the program level, which would have a positive impact on all its present and future projects.


Agile consultants applied our ten-step process of Agile project management transformation, along with other proprietary methods, which helped deepen team connections for a lasting impact.

Through the Agile project management transformation process, we:

  • Worked with our customer’s teams to improve their tools
  • Established team norms
  • Provided visibility on deliverables for upper managers
  • Created and nurtured a culture of communication
  • Streamlined the intake process


As a result of this Agile project management transformation, morale is now at an all-time high, and the teams are positioned to react faster to the organization’s ever-changing business needs.

Our customer moved from reactionary work processes to proactive work processes — delivering increased value to customers. The company is now engaged in quarterly planning to continuously align the business with its customers.

Highlights of the Agile project management transformation include:

  • A 25% reduction in the PMO
  • New Agile experience requirements for hiring
  • New culture of Agile in the PMO
  • Cross-functional and cross-collaborative working behaviors, rather than siloed ones
  • A shift in leadership’s strategic and fiscal planning

Our customer is excited to be delivering two months out, while responding, absorbing, and integrating new requests and changes within 48 hours.

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