Agile for Data Science
and ML

Agile Program Framework promotes efficient delivery of Data Science and ML Projects

About the Customer

Our customer is a global media company launching a new streaming platform.


Our client sought to incorporate key features into the platform that required the development, deployment, and ongoing management in the production of ML and data science products. Our customer had never implemented Data Science to this degree and sought our leadership to help establish the foundations of this critical function.


We developed an agile program framework for the data science team. We helped establish an operating model and associated processes for the successful execution of data science products, in alignment with key collaborators and stakeholders. Leveraging the framework, we helped prioritize key data science use cases and led the planning and delivery of key Data Science use cases.​


Our client now has a fully operational agile framework and operating model that promotes the development and sustainment of Data Science and ML products. These efforts enable key features of the streaming platform, as well as broader data quality and analysis. Specific outputs include:​

  • Content personalization​
  • Content recommendation engine​
  • Integration of third-party data sets​
  • Customer stitching​
  • Metadata extraction using NLP​​