Exadel managed the overall Agile digital transformation for a major healthcare and technology company, filling key roles including Agile Coach, Product Owner, Project Manager, and Scrum Master.

About the Customer

The client is a major player in healthcare delivery and technology that brings together patients, clinicians, and insurance coverage. Our customer’s goal was to turn digital experience initiatives (DEIs) around within six months, and they partnered with Exadel for our expertise in digital transformation and Agile approaches.


The project needed to be implemented using an Agile approach to help our customer move away from Waterfall methodology. There were four key project components to fill as the company adopted an Agile framework:

  1. Member website redesign — the client’s website helps their customers to find information and obtain healthcare but needed to become more user-friendly and provide more functionality.
  2. Business portal redesign — this Agile digital transformation project was focused on redesigning existing producer and employer websites to increase cross-over features and improve user satisfaction.
  3. Clinician branding — the customer wanted to help potential members easily find clinicians while using public search platforms (e.g. Google), plus help clinicians easily manage their online profiles.
  4. Mobile app redesign — the new version needed to match the new website in look, feel, and functionality.


Exadel used Agile transformation best practices to make a number of critical changes within the company. The major task was to be sure that the organization experienced a cultural shift toward an Agile approach that would last after the initial project was completed.

Exadel provided several key features of Agile digital transformation as part of these projects. As part of the member website redesign, the team gave end-users the ability to contact their clinicians using online chats and virtual visits. The Exadel team’s Agile solution also increased the efficiency of the site so that an end-user will find what they are looking for within three clicks.

The business portal redesign provided employers with improved workflows, including invoice management. It also featured broker tools and increased support for the sales team. In this Agile digital transformation project, Exadel used Adobe Experience Manager for the clinician branding tool, which allows practitioners to list their specialties online.

Finally, the mobile app redesign matched the look and feel of the new website and included all of its new functionality, as well as a new pharmacy tool to help patients determine the quickest and easiest way to fill their prescriptions.


The client has successfully taken on Agile approaches, and ongoing modernization efforts will now be done using Agile transformation best practices. Our customer is now more responsive to market forces and more able to add new functionalities quickly and effectively.

These Agile digital transformation projects serve as the foundation for ongoing improvements to the client’s technological offerings and sped up their modernization both in terms of their software products and work processes.

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