Exadel built a state-of-the-art gym management platform from the ground up

About ABC Financial

Founded in 1981, ABC Financial is the industry’s leading fitness club management software provider. The company specializes in software that strengthens the performance of any gym by reducing delinquencies, improving collections, and creating an overall better member experience. Its comprehensive offerings include payment processing solutions and advanced gym management solutions such as DataTrak, that allow gym owners and managers to track and manage memberships and schedules, drive member engagement, and automate payment processing functions.

The Challenge

ABC Financial’s original software was developed with COBOL around the turn of the millennium and didn’t support the increasing volume that the business currently projects. Internal research showed it was necessary to replace the original software as soon as possible in order to avoid incurring losses in the near future.

To get in front of this, ABC Financial approached Exadel with the goal of creating a modern, convenient, scalable and easily maintained system.


By working with Exadel, ABC Financial was able to change its business model to meet today’s business and technology demands. The new solution is an innovative, highly scalable cloud-based platform with robust event-driven architecture and comprehensive APIs.

The new system is modular, enabling ABC Financial to sell licenses and subscriptions to the backend, frontend or just the billing part of the backend. The company can also offer customers full access to the frontend and backend, depending on their needs.

If a customer wants to use just the backend or billing functionality they can simply connect through their existing mobile app. For customers that do not already have their own mobile app, Exadel is currently developing one to add to ABC Financial’s offerings.

Exadel is also engaged in developing custom middleware for ABC Financial’s largest customer in order to adapt to the customer’s existing infrastructure.

The new solution is built with modern technology stack:

  • Back end: Java, Microservices, Kafka, PostgreSQL
  • Front end: TypeScript, Node.js (Koa), React, Redux, HTML5, PostCSS
  • DevOps: AWS / S3, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins


The new solution has greatly helped to streamline the process of selling gym memberships for ABC Financial’s customers. It greatly decreases manual errors and speeds up execution time. With Exadel’s input, the client was able to retain their customers’ membership base, and expects to add 90 additional fitness clubs.

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