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client success story

UBS - customer-to-management mobile app

We partnered with UBS in developing a custom app for UBS' financial managers to better serve their clients. The mobile app had to interface with UBS' existing system and required the most up-to-date security for all of their financial data.

Exadel partnered with UBS in the development of their consumer-facing mobile app
Exadel partnered with Microsoft in the development of a video sharing program

client success story

Microsoft: video production sharing platform

Companies involved in television and movie production often have to ship small video clips all over the country for approval before production is finalized. Microsoft was looking for a way to eliminate physical shipping and streamline the approval process. Exadel and Microsoft partnered and developed a custom software program for more efficient high resolution sharing.

client success story

B-cycle - bicycle ride share application

Exadel worked with the B-cycle team to architect a system to support their vision of national and international reach utilizing SQL. For B-cycle to provide riders with a seamless experience, an existing generic, out-of-the box solution would not work.

Exadel utilized SQL when developing bicycle ride sharing mobile app
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Exadel partnered with GHX, building their ecommerce platform

client success story

Global Health Exchange - CoreX eCommerce platform

GHX had a vision to extend its existing exchange even further. Exadel and GHX partnered to create a more scalable, reliable, highly available, and supportable Exchange platform that would also accommodate high growth and new opportunities among trading partners.

client success story
Nielson National Consumer Panel - consumer retail research app
NCP decided they needed a mobile app that would allow research participants to scan and input everything while they are shopping to streamline the process.

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