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High tech and software

Global software development and consulting to meet your high tech needs

Developing products to give clients a competitive advantage

Unlike traditional outsourcers that typically help maintain your mature products, our experts partner with companies to innovate and develop new products that give them a competitive advantage. Our engineers are creative problem solvers who thrive when challenged with new product ideas.

Whether your need is for a custom project or a packaged product, we apply our product-centric discipline to deliver high-quality software that is robust and easy to maintain. We have extensive domain expertise in mobile applications, cloud-based development, APIs, big data and analytics, open source, and development tools targeting financial services.

we have extensive experience providing industry-specific high tech and software solutions:

  • Product Ideation
  • Product Architecture
  • Mobile, Web, and Cross-device Applications
  • SaaS Products
  • API Exposure and Management
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Support
  • Sustaining Engineering

need more proof?

Check out some of our high tech and software industry success stories and clients below.

Exadel developed a mobile app enabling the infrastructure of taxi services
client success story

Verifone - Way2Ride mobile app

Exadel partnered with Verifone to create a better way for taxi riders to get around cities. Exadel achieved this goal by developing a mobile app that tapped into the existing infrastructure of taxi services.

client success story

Arrow Electronics - Web Management System

Exadel partnered with Arrow to develop a management system. With 17,000 employees worldwide, Arrow needed a way to enhance company communication at a global level using a web-based system.
Exadel partnered with Microsoft in the development of a video sharing program

client success story

Microsoft - video production sharing platform

Companies involved in television and movie production often ship small video clips all over the country for approval before production is finalized. Microsoft was looking for a way to eliminate physical shipping and streamline the approval process. Exadel and Microsoft partnered to develop a custom software program for more efficient high resolution sharing.

client success story

Microsoft Doubango - Custom Embedded Communication App

Microsoft needed a way to showcase the value of a telecommunications network with embedded communications functionality. Exadel worked with Microsoft to apply this functionality to a customer service scenario.
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