Women in STEM at Exadel: Daria Rieznik, Lead QA Engineer

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Today, we continue the blog series featuring women at Exadel who have led successful STEM careers. We are proud to say that a large percentage of our employees are women (39 percent) and will continue to find and support women who are pursuing careers in STEM. As the industry calls for more STEM-focused women, we are pleased to honor those who work for Exadel and share pieces from their professional journeys.

This Q&A features Daria Rieznik, Lead QA Engineer.

What (or who!) inspired you to pursue a career in STEM?

Without a doubt, it was my elder brother. He is 10 years my senior and my role model. So, when he started his IT career I decided to become an IT engineer as well. There is even proof of that from my first-grade questionnaire in which I wrote that my dream profession was to be a programmer. I would say that tech sciences have always been my strong side. When it came to making the final decision it was a no-brainer.

How do you use agile development in your daily work?

Agile is an integral part of my day-to-day routine. Right now, I’m working on a project that follows the Agile development model, so not a single day passes without me having a bunch of meetings and discussions with my team and PO regarding where we are at and what our next steps should be. The flexible and communicative nature of Agile really appeals to me.

How would you describe your experience in the STEM field? What has motivated you to stay on this career path?

I have been in the STEM field for nine years now. Plus, five years studying engineering at university. I like the STEM world because of all the people who are keen on what they are doing, because of the possibility to develop myself, and because it’s always interesting and ever challenging.

The IT sphere is developing so quickly that in order to continue to be a good specialist you have to make a great effort. Dealing with challenging tasks and achieving new goals fills my workday with fun and meaning—and that has always been my major source of motivation.

What is your advice to women who are looking to start a career in STEM? 

Go for it, girl! Just do it! Leave behind all the prejudices, biases, and preconceptions. Call deeply on your courage and take the plunge.

What challenges or roadblocks have you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

The major challenge came from the fact that I was a young and inexperienced student when I got my first job. Not many colleagues took me seriously at that early stage of my career. I had to prove to everyone that I could improve, change, and become someone who others could look up to and turn to for advice.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Daria’s life-long pursuit of tech. She is an exemplary example to young women who share a childhood dream of working in STEM.  Her clear vision and follow-through to the end goal, despite the challenges, are an encouragement to all!

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Exadel. We encourage women looking for careers in STEM to check out our job listings and apply: https://exadel.com/about-us/careers/