What is Kubernetes, and how can it help your company?

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Digitization has been guiding business strategy in nearly every industry for many years. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies who were slow to transform or hadn’t even started transformations yet to rapidly rise to the occasion. With more remote work, learning and greater need for digital customer experiences, businesses must adapt quickly to the new normal.

In order to not only catch up but also stay ahead, business and technology leaders must invest in the tools, processes and practices that will help software and app development teams deliver quality digital products quickly. One such technology that can help development teams do just that is Kubernetes — an open-source container orchestration system created by Google. So, why should business and technology leaders invest in Kubernetes? What is it, and how will it help businesses stay competitive? This article discusses everything the C-suite needs to know about Kubernetes and why they should be paying close attention to this technology.

Read the full article by Lev Shur, President of Exadel Solutions, on Forbes.