What IoT Trends Will Make an Impact in 2021?

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IOT Trends

By 2027, the global Internet of Things (IoT) market could top $1.4 trillion (up from $250.72 billion in 2019). As businesses and government agencies continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, they turn to IoT to enforce social distancing measures, ensure equipment availability, and automate tasks previously performed by humans. There are both economic and social factors that are helping to shape the IoT market, and it is critical that digital businesses stay ahead of IoT trends.

With IoT on the rise, what trends should tech and business leaders keep in mind for this year? Sergey Bondarev, Director of Engineering at Exadel, looks at how edge computing, AI and more will make waves in the IoT market. Read his full article on JAXenter: https://jaxenter.com/iot-2021-173650.html.