At Exadel, we believe it’s the people who drive our business forward. Employees are central to core company values. Our people-first culture creates an environment that promotes collaboration and the open sharing of ideas and encouragement among teams. With many opportunities for professional advancement, we challenge all individuals to perform at their highest level. Through continuous learning and mentorship, many of our employees have successfully risen through the ranks from junior positions to executive leadership.

Currently, our management team is expanding in Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine! If hired, you will join a community of professionals that believes in ingenuity, creativity, and teamwork as essential elements for business growth. If you have excellent communication skills and are motivational and confident as a manager, you may be the right fit for a management position at Exadel.

“The management community at Exadel leads and inspires successful teams that grow business and create amazing customer experiences,” said Mikhail Andrushkevich, VP of Delivery at Exadel. “With an open and honest approach to communication, the management team is skilled at listening to all voices among the team in order to better foster results that matter to the business.”

The management team is growing! If you want to join, please contact our recruiting team and send your resume to [email protected].

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