Exadel is Taking Part in Hacktoberfest

Oct 15, 2021

Exadel supports open-source projects and encourages young developers to gain real-life experience. This year, Exadel will be participating in Hacktoberfest – a global event aimed at increasing contributions to open-source projects. Learn more about our role and open repositories!

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How to Add Image Management to an AEM TouchUI Dialog: Tutorial

Discussing ways to add images to your AEM component via a Touch UI dialog. The task has never been a straightforward one, but using Exadel Authoring Kit for AEM makes it much easier.

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CRISP Launch – Automated Testing Chrome Extension

Aug 2, 2021

We are happy to announce that, thanks to our continuous work on QA automation, we launched CRISP, a universal automated testing plug-in developed on Chrome DevTools Protocol with easy-to-customize features.

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Exadel Toolbox Lists: A Brand-New Way to Create a Generic List in AEM

In this article we explain how Exadel Toolbox Lists help to create, edit, and retrieve dictionary-like and table-like data (option lists, built-in data references, etc.) for use with AEM components.

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Exadel Authoring Kit for Adobe Experience Manager Version 2 Makes AEM Authoring Easier

Exadel MarTech team released the second version of Exadel Authoring Kit for Adobe Experience Manager.

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