News Roundup: Cybersecurity Awareness

The tech world is constantly changing. To help you keep up with the twists and turns we’ve started a news roundup blog series to condense the latest and greatest updates on emerging tech and development trends. Previously, we explored the hot topic of IoT. In this...
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In an Era of Hacking, How Companies Can Keep Personal Information Safe

Hacking is increasingly disruptive to businesses worldwide, collectively costing companies billions of dollars and eroding consumer trust. Lack of adequate data protection and relaxed privacy policies can result in damage to reputations, steep fines, and damaging...
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How Is Digital Security Affecting Financial Services?

While the benefits of new technologies in the digital age are innumerable, they’ve also exposed financial services companies to new and increasingly dangerous threats, presenting the industry with perhaps its most unique challenge in decades. Trust in the...
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ISO Certifies Exadel for Information Security

Apr 19, 2016

Creating JUnit tests for AEM components and services requires a lot of testing data, so we came up with a way to generate more data for this testing and tips on using it.

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