AuditQA — A QA Audit and Consulting Service Package for Discovering Gaps in Your Quality Assurance Process

Apr 6, 2021

How to benefit from the QA process and reduce the number of bugs in production? Our team designed a workable QA audit that will help expose deficiencies in your Quality Assurance process and guide you towards viable solutions. Take a look at it!

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SetQA: A QA Framework that Lays the Foundation for Impeccable Software Testing

Mar 16, 2021

We developed a modern solution that helps businesses establish clear and effective QA processes from scratch. Read our blogpost and get an overview of what we created.

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BabyMatch App Launch — the Exadel Baby-Parent Look-Alike App

Mar 5, 2021

We are so excited to announce that we recently released BabyMatch: Mom or Dad. It’s a multi-platform parent-child look-alike app based on face recognition technology. Let’s take a look at the solution and its features, which we think will be a fun experience for you and your family.

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Exadel Launches ML1 — Ticket Automation Software for Jira

Jan 22, 2021

We just released a public version of ML1, which is a machine learning-powered plug-in that predicts and autocompletes field values in Jira tickets.

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How the Easy-ABAC Framework by Exadel Helps Secure REST APIs

Jan 16, 2021

We recently launched the Easy-ABAC Framework — our newest open-source solution that helps secure REST APIs by providing a skeleton for an authorization management system. Learn about the core features of the Easy-ABAC Framework, which help developers to improve REST API security.

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