The new CompreFace 1.0 version release

May 5, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the new CompreFace 1.0 version is live. Check out this blog post and find out what we improved.

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CompreFace is now available on AWS marketplace

Apr 29, 2022

We are happy to announce that CompreFace is now available on AWS Marketplace. Check out the details in this blog post!

Read the article – Mobile App Development so Simple, A Child Can (and Has) Done It

Apr 28, 2022

Creating a mobile application is easier than you think. Learn more about and the future of low-code mobile app development.

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When is a UI Component Library the Right Fit for Your Project?

Building an effective software solution can be tricky unless you know which technologies can really make your development efficient. Since there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, programmers turn to a UI component library to help them craft beautiful and interactive interfaces that can engage users. Not only can a UI component library based on web components speed up your development, but it can also solve the unique layout needs of your business. Learn when a web components library makes sense and how to choose the best one.

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Face Recognition During Coronavirus: Do Masks Block Facial Recognition?

Jan 5, 2022

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has started to question the effectiveness of face recognition on masked faces. We left the assumptions behind and conducted several experiments using CompreFace.

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