How to Get Started with Data Analytics and Why You Need it

Data analytics significantly helps businesses gain insights and draw helpful conclusions that guide future strategy. This article examines the different types of data analytics, the benefits of the approaches, how to get started, and how to avoid common mistakes.

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The business value of AI is undeniable — it saves time and increases the accuracy of mundane and repetitive tasks. We sat down with Exadel AI experts to look deeper into this issue, discussing the best way to measure the ROI of AI, the metrics of returns, and the associated operating costs.

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Innovation Lab by Exadel Now Supports Full Chatbot Development

Now business and technical leaders will have the opportunity to build and test chatbot applications quickly and efficiently through the Innovation Lab.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

Exadel’s Development VP, Jonathan Fries, in a recent IoT Agenda article, examines trends in AI cloud adoption and the differences between the top cloud providers.

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Webcast: AI in the Clouds

In this webcast recording, Jonathan Fries, VP of Development at Exadel, discusses the main competing cloud-based AI products from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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