Solidifying Exadel’s Thought Leadership in the Polish IT Market

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Janusz Fajkowski, CEO of Exadel Poland, elaborates on the opportunities presented by the Polish IT market. “Poland is among the most attractive countries for investment as it enjoys a stable and healthy economy, has a dynamically-growing IT market, has US and EU standards in IP protection, and is close to the major European financial centers. It also has high-quality tech infrastructure and offers similar work culture and work ethics as Western countries.”

The CEO notes that Poland has become an IT hub, attracting customers such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Google, and more. However, Fajkowski still sees a few challenges. The staffing gap and cybercrime may appear alarming, unless there is good hiring strategy and security in place.

Exadel is able to overcome these challenges, finding and matching best-in-class employees to projects they are passionate about and providing secure infrastructure for clients, thanks to a strategic partnership with Armor Cybersecurity. 

Fajkowski believes that maintaining a people-first culture and delivering top-notch digital transformation makes Exadel a strong choice for partnership. To get a closer look at the vision Fajkowski has for the company and for the Polish IT industry, read the entire interview on (AQ3/2022 Quarterly)