SetQA: A QA Framework that Lays the Foundation for Impeccable Software Testing

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What Exactly is SetQA?

To validate that your software is delivered on time and meets the initial performance and quality requirements, it is crucial to define and follow QA process best practices.

Quality assurance (QA) is a proactive aspect of the software development process that ensures that an application meets its requirements with minimal number of bugs. By implementing a reliable QA process, you’ll be able to prevent and eliminate multiple issues, such as QA system inefficiency (e.g., teams missing deadlines), lack of transparency, and low-quality software.

A team of Exadel QA leaders drew upon their years of experience to create SetQA — a quality assurance framework that helps organizations establish clear and effective QA processes from scratch and ensure impeccable software quality through the entire development lifecycle.

Why is SetQA Beneficial?

The SetQA quality assurance framework is a system that has proven its effectiveness and practicality in software testing. SetQA utilizes QA best practices to provide effective QA flows, clear test estimates, up-to-date documentation, and visual reports. With SetQA, your QA process will be:

  • Transparent: Predictable and transparent software testing process
  • Documented: Up-to-date test documentation that will keep you informed
  • Optimized: Optimized QA process with well-established rules and the best QA flows
  • Estimated: Clear testing estimates in terms of coverage and timing
  • Informative: Clear reports with informative metrics and test results

What are the SetQA steps?

The SetQA solution has a clearly defined process to ensure that everything is accounted for and nothing is left to chance. The solution includes the following steps:

1. Gather project information

We collect information to make sure that the QA team has an advanced understanding of the project’s entire lifecycle, objectives, and goals.

2. Create Test Plan and Test Strategy

We devise a Test Plan and Test Strategy, where we define the scope of the QA team’s responsibilities, add specific requests and agreements with clients and assess the project risks to establish a transparent, efficient, and effective QA process.

3. Define QA rules and flow 

We define a set of rules and a flow that is clear for every QA team member, helping them communicate in a precise manner in order to achieve the best possible results.

4. Track metrics

We define and gather QA metrics that give deep insight into the state of the project and the effectiveness of testing. Additionally, we adapt and improve our QA process based on the results.

5. Generate reports

We identify what types of reports are needed and what information and metrics should be included. This provides customers with a clear, up-to-date status of the project, fully prepares them for risks and issues that may come up, and helps them plan future QA activities.

What can you expect from SetQA?

The SetQA quality assurance framework helps your organization enhance the entire software development process by establishing a transparent and effective QA process for properly ensuring the quality of software. As a result, your company gets a clear and defined QA process and the confidence that your software meets your requirements and quality to go into production.