Service Accelerators Help To Grow Tech Talent

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While the demand for digital transformation is growing, the supply of technology workers is not growing in tandem. The shortage of tech talent is the largest bottleneck for organizations to adapt to modern technologies and start to innovate faster.

There are different ways to help to overcome the shortage of tech talent:

  • Distributed agile development: it allows to leverage teams that are spread across different geographical locations;
  • Development automation: it allows to automate mundane repetitive tasks, saving time and money for the development and allowing engineers to focus more on more valuable tasks.
  • and, Service Accelerators that help to increase the speed of product and platforms development without loosing their quality

Service Accelerators are a set of best practices, tools and processes in an organization that involve highly motivated development teams who are willing to solve specific technology problems and help other teams work more efficiently.

Read the full article on Forbes by Lev Shur, President of Exadel Solutions, to learn more about the Service Accelerator strategy that may help you compensate for the shortage of tech talent and ramp up your digital transformation efforts.