Digital Transformation with Exadel’s Jonathan Fries

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Recently, Jonathan Fries, VP Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel, had the opportunity to sit down with Alan Shimel, editor-in-chief at, and discuss the release of the Innovation Lab by Exadel and the state of IT in general. Throughout their conversation, they covered a wide variety of topics and offered up some powerful insights.

Here’s a quick overview of their discussion:

Digital Transformation as More than a Buzzword

Digital transformation is a buzzword that has taken the technology and business worlds by storm. Everyone wants to do it, some are actually trying to do it, but few are actually succeeding at properly implementing digital transformation within their organizations. For many, the problem begins before they have even developed a strategy; it starts by incorrectly defining what digital transformation actually means.

For Exadel, Jonathan states digital transformation “is really about the development side of it and our expertise in helping clients take on hard projects and succeed.” He explains that at Exadel the definition of digital transformation revolves around four key strands of software development. Exadel’s ability to intricately weave these four strands, consisting of cloud development, QA automation, DevOps, and agile methodology, and to do it for many clients of different shapes and sizes elevates its Digital Transformation practice to sets its clients up for long-term success.

Innovation Lab

Next, Jonathan took some time to share details about the recently announced Innovation Lab and what Exadel is hoping to deliver with this new offering. Using the existing platform along with Exadel’s expertise in agile development, the Innovation Lab was built to deliver a packaged solution to give customers access to the entire slate of resources Exadel provides, in one convenient on-demand location to build working software quickly.

According to Jonathan, “what we want to do is help our clients who are looking for ways to move faster, experiment, try out an idea and get some features in front of customers or business stakeholders more quickly—and the Innovation Lab is our packaged solution for doing exactly just that.” The Innovation Lab is ultimately a place that fosters clients’ creativity and provides them with the necessary resources to propel their ideas into innovation.

Exadel’s Practice Areas

Finally, Jonathan talked a bit about the practice areas that Exadel has been focusing on recently. He explains that the Digital Marketing Technology practice is all about delivering a packaged solution to our customers, which gives them the ability to build those large scale worldwide websites along with help from Adobe.

Exadel’s Products and Platforms practice area is rooted in, a mobile app development platform. But, this practice is a lot more than just mobile app development according to Fries. It’s a whole ecosystem for product and platform engineering. The Products and Platforms practice brings together the best of our knowledge base about developing sophisticated, large-scale platforms.

Finally, said Fries, the Digital Transformation practice is all about DevOps, cloud tech, QA automation, and Agile. Expanding on the significance of this practice, Jonathan explained that “we have a solution that we’re putting together within the Digital Transformation Practice that is a cross-cloud Kubernetes implementation that’s all done with Terraform and we’re actually getting ready to use that with the first customer now.”

Summing Up

At the end of the day, the businesses that will be completely transformed by digital transformation will create even more opportunities, not take them away. That is the power of this current era of IT. If you look at it through the correct lens, you’ll find that new technology and innovation create a more inclusive future, not a more excluding one.  

For more on the Innovation Lab, digital transformation trends, and what Exadel is all about, check out the full conversation with Jonathan and Alan here.