Best Practices for Becoming a Better Product Owner

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In a recent DevOps Digest article, Jonathan Fries, our VP Engineering and Digital Transformation here at Exadel, shared his expertise on what it takes to be a great product owner. It’s a very insightful article in which Fries explains that a true agile transformation is not complete without a product owner who appropriately fills all the roles he or she is supposed to play.

What does that mean? Jonathan responds with this great quote from Jeff Sutherland (co-creator of Scrum) and J.J. Sutherland (Chief Product Owner of Scrum, Inc.), on the role of the product owner:

 ” … [needs] to spend half their time talking to the people buying the product (getting their thoughts on the latest incremental release and how it delivered value) and half their time with the team creating the Backlog (showing what the customer valued and what they didn’t).”

A product owner might already be doing some of these things, but still isn’t delivering everything that the team needs.

Jonathan goes on to cover some best practices for becoming a better product owner, including:

  1. Having a story writing workshop
  2. Product backlog refinement
  3. Attending Scrums regularly
  4. Defining a vision
  5. Defining user roles
  6. Story mapping


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