Jonathan Fries on Exadel’s Digital Transformation Practice

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We recently announced our new Digital Transformation Practice. This solution offering helps leaders within enterprises develop and implement value-driven digital transformation initiatives through executive consulting, digital architecture and design, and software engineering services. We use the latest advancements in cloud development, DevOps, QA automation, and agile processes to bring customers’ ideas to life. As a follow-up on the announcement, we sat down with Jonathan Fries, VP, Engineering and Digital Transformation, to ask some questions about the practice, trends in digital transformation, and more.

What is Exadel’s Digital Transformation practice and which services or solutions are provided under this practice?

Exadel’s Digital Transformation Practice is focused on the cloud and on modern software development practices. We have extensive experience working with clients on cloud solutions (both native and hybrid), so we’re bringing together that accumulated experience to crystallize them in a group of solutions. In considering what is especially important in these areas—cloud development, QA automation, and DevOps—you need to look at them together. They need to overlap effectively to build a powerful cloud-native or hybrid cloud solution.

What would you say makes this practice unique?

What makes us unique is our wealth of experience. Our practice comes organically from the things that worked for our clients—that and the deep awareness in our organization of the new technologies that are emerging. We are then able to bring this experience together with what is coming next, to deliver real working solutions. We combine successful patterns—our tried and true practices—and build on that foundation while looking forward into the future of technology. Our foundation in scalable, enterprise delivery also differentiates us.

What major trends are you seeing in digital transformation and what should enterprises prepare for heading into 2019?

I think the biggest trend I’ve seen is artificial intelligence and the use of that in enterprises to meet customers on any device with a smart set of features. Businesses need to leverage artificial intelligence. That means building on the data they already have as well as adding new capabilities that use machine learning and other AI technologies. Customers are really coming to expect that coherent, intelligent service offering, and that’s going to continue to gather more steam in 2019.

Are AI solutions provided under the Digital Transformation Practice?

At the moment, it isn’t explicitly a service offering, but I think, given that all of the major cloud providers have artificial intelligence service offerings out there today, it’s definitely something that our Digital Transformation clients are going to be looking for. Exadel has the capability to help them add those AI capabilities to new and existing software applications.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as VP, Engineering and Digital Transformation?

I’m most looking forward to seeing solutions for clients come to life. The most rewarding part of our enagements is when something new launches that gives the client a new capability that they’ve never had before. Those are exciting wins for everybody. It’s my favorite part of doing what we do. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing our new solutions perform for DevOps and QA automation. They’re powerful and will provide clients with the ability to deliver value more quickly.

What is on the horizon for Exadel in 2019?

We’re going to have some packaged solutions for DevOps and QA automation coming in 2019. In addition to best practices and expertise, we’ll have pre-packaged DevOps technologies that we can drop in to provide fast deliverables and environments for clients.

To learn more about Exadel’s Digital Transformation Practice, check out our website, or read the full press release.