The Ways Tech Is Driving E-commerce

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“A more recent innovation that is helping transform e-commerce experience is the combination of blockchain and IoT. The possibility of products being aware of their own state, combined with blockchain to instantly process a transaction, opens new horizons for convenience.”

… just one of the many great insights given by Jonathan Fries, VP of Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel, in a recent article featured in the Digital Journal. In this article, Jonathan highlights technology trends influencing the future of e-commerce and the way we buy online. From personalization to convenience, the e-commerce landscape continues to grow and change at a blazing pace. This rapid change has forced the emergence of new, cutting-edge technologies that deliver an experience unlike anything the consumer-driven world has ever seen before.

In addition to impacts on the world of e-commerce, these new technologies are changing the landscape for businesses around the world. According to Jonathan, “while it’s not as simple as just translating your web content, there are many partners that can help make localization a reality for businesses of all sizes.” The new standard of what customers expect from their e-commerce experience continues to surge, and the opportunity for new technologies has never been greater.

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