Q&A with Fima Katz: Why Software Outsourcing Is Becoming Big Business

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Recently, Fima Katz, CEO at Exadel, participated in a Q&A session with Tim Sandle at the Digital Journal. Katz shared insights into the growing trend of U.S.-based businesses outsourcing software development to meet constantly escalating demands in the evolving enterprise landscape for more deployments, delivered faster.

In the Q&A, he explains how software outsourcing works as a solution to close the gap between business demands and the shortage of U.S.-based software engineers. The budding talent pool in Eastern Europe is where Katz sees many organizations expanding operations in order to successfully scale their businesses—a region he believes will continue to prosper by meeting the software engineering needs of U.S. businesses. Among the benefits of outsourcing software in Eastern Europe, he highlights lower cost, security, and a smaller cultural gap.

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